Credits include:


The Enemy Below (as Lieutenant Ware)                             1957
The Fly (as Andre Delambre)                                      1958
The Son Of Robin Hood (as Jamie)                                 1959
The Lost World (Irwin Allen production, as Ed Malone)            1960
Marines Let's Go! (as David Chatfield)                           1961
The Greatest Story Ever Told (as Philip)                         1965
Kemet (aka For Love Or Murder, German)                           1970
The Cat Creature (TVM, as Roger Evans)                           1973
Live And Let Die (as Felix Leiter)                               1973
Crime Club (TVM, as Nick Kelton)                                 1973
Can I Save My Children (TVM)                                     1974
Murder: Impossible (TVM)                                         1974
The Art Of Crime (TVM, aka Roman Grey, as Parker Sharon)         1975
The Lives Of Jenny Dolan (TVM, as Dr. Wes Dolan)                 1975
Adventures Of The Queen (TVM, Irwin Allen production,
as Dr. Peter Brooks)                                             1975
Murder In Peyton Place (TVM, as Steven Cord)                     1977
The Power Within (TVM, as Danton)                                1979
North Sea Hijack (aka Ffolkes. as Robert King)                   1979
Kenny Rogers As The Gambler Part II (TVM, as Carson)             1983
The Naked Face (as Dr. Hadley)                                   1984
Smart Alec (aka The Movie Maker)                                 1986
License To Kill (as Felix Leiter)                                1989
La Guerre sans nom (aka The Undeclared War)                      1992
Fugitive Mind (TVM, as Davis)                                    1998
Spectres (as William)                                            2004
Death by Committee                                               2004


Five Fingers (as Victor Sebastian)                             1959-60
Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea (as Capt. Lee Crane)           1964-68
The Colbys (as Roger Langdon)                                  1986-87
Another World (as Spencer Harrison)                            1990-96


Moliere                                                          1949
Kraft TV Theater 'Eleven O'Clock Flight'                         1955
Hong Kong 'Lesson In Fear'                                       1961
Here's Hollywood                                                 1961
Bus Stop 'Call Back Yesterday'                                   1961
Perry Mason 'The Case Of The Dodging Domino' (as Damion White)   1962
The Farmer's Daughter 'The Mink Machine'                         1963
The Saint 'Louella'                                              1963
The Mike Douglas Show (Talkshow)                                 1965
PDQ                                                              1965
Miss Teen International                                          1966
Hollywood Palace                                                 1967
The Dating Game                                                  1967
Hollywood Squares                                                1967
Journey To The Unknown 'Somewhere In A Crowd' (as William Searle) 1968
Love, American Style 'Love And The Other Love' (as Rob)          1969
A Kiss Is Just A Kiss                                            1971
The FBI 'The Buyer'                                              1972
The FBI 'The Gathering Of Sharks'                                1973
The New Adventures Of Perry Mason
'The Case Of The Frenzied Feminist'                              1973
Cannon 'The Dead Samaritan' (as Bell)                            1973
Cannon 'Night Flight To Murder' (as John Sandler)                1973
Shaft 'The Capricorn Murders'                                    1974
Medical Center 'Dark Warning'                                    1974
The Manhunter 'The Man Who Thought He Was Dillinger'             1974
Bronk 'Betrayal'                                                 1975
Cannon 'The Star' (as David Farnum)                              1975
Family 'Coming Apart'                                            1976
Family 'Coming Of Age'                                           1976
Ellery Queen 'The Adventure Of The Eccentric Engineer'           1976
Hey We're In Business (IRS Special)                              1976
Gibbsville: 'The Grand Gesture'                                  1976
Wonder Woman 'The Queen And The Thief' (as Evan Robley)          1977
Barnaby Jones 'Deadly Charade' (as Paul Nugent)                  1977
Love Boat 'Julie's Old Flame' (as Buddy Stanfield)               1977
Love Boat 'The Role Model' (as Cliff Jacobs)                     1977
The Bob Newhart Show 'It Didn't Happen One Night'                1978
Project UFO 'Sighting 4011: The Doll House Incident'
(as Frederick Flanagan)                                          1978
Charlie's Angels 'Angels In The Stretch' (as Carter Gillis)      1978
Fantasy Island 'Family Reunion' (as Carlyle Cranston)            1978
Greatest Heroes Of The Bible 'Daniel And Nebuchanezer'           1978
Colorado C.I. (Pilot, as David Royce)                            1978
ABC's Silver Anniversary Celebration: 25 Years & Still As One    1978
Flying High: 'High Rollers'                                      1978
Benson (Pilot, as John Taylor, The Governor's Aide)              1979
The Love Boat 'Tug Of War' (as Sherman)                          1979
Merv Griffin Show (Talkshow)                                     1980
Viewpoint On Nutrition (Talkshow)                                1980
The Dinah Shore Show (Talkshow)                                  1980
AM Chicago  (Talkshow)                                           1980
Charlie's Angels 'He Married An Angel' (as John Thornwood)       1980
Nero Wolfe 'Murder By The Book'                                  1981
Hart To Hart 'Hart Of Diamonds' (as Miles Wratt)                 1981
Fantasy Island 'The Chateau' (as Claude Duncan)                  1981
Fantasy Island 'Man-Beast' (as David Tabori...
ref. Voyage ep by same name)                                     1981
Fantasy Island 'Show Me A Hero' (as Capt. Johnny Day)            1981
The Love Boat 'Eye Of The Beholder' (as Allan Christensen)       1981
The Love Boat 'April in Boston' (as Bradford York)               1982
The Love Boat 'The Role Model' (as Cliff Jacobs)                 1982
Hart To Hart 'Hart Of Diamonds' (as Miles Wiatt)                 1982
The Fall Guy 'The Snow Job' (as Jordan Stevens)                  1982
T.J. Hooker 'The Protectors' (as D.A. Erik Saxon)                1982
PM Magazine                                                      1982
Fantasy Island 'Face of Fire'(as Philip)                         1982
Matt Houston 'Recipe For Murder' (as Pierre Cordan)              1982
Amanda 'Amanda's By The Sea'                                     1983
Dynasty (2 episodes, as Sam Dexter)                              1983
PM Magazine                                                      1983
The Gambler II                                                   1983
The Fall Guy 'Undersea Odyssey' (as Milo Hendricks)              1984
The Fall Guy 'Her Bodyguard' (as Monte Sorenson)                 1984
Fantasy Island 'The Final Adieu'(as Daniel Garman)               1984
Knight Rider 'Knight In Retreat' (as Ted Cooper)                 1985
The Love Boat 'Her Honor, The Mayor' (as Barry Singer)           1985
Simon And Simon 'Simon Without Simon' (as Austin Tyler)          1985
The A Team 'Mind Games' (as David Vaughn)                        1985
Finder Of Lost Loves                                             1985
A D (Anno Domini)                                                1985
Entertainment Tonight                                            1985
Hotel 'Distortions' (as Jack Fitzpatrick)                        1985
Murder, She Wrote 'The Perfect Foil' (as Mitch Payne)            1986
Crazy Like A Fox 'Eye In The Sky'                                1986
Dynasty II; 'Colbys Of California' 'The Celebration'             1986
Trapper John M D 'The 2nd Best Man' (as Miles Warner)            1986
Who's The Boss 'Mona' (Pilot, as Mr. Radcliff)                   1987
The Law And Harry McGraw 'Mr. Chapman, I Presume'                1987
Murder, She Wrote 'Mirror, Mirror On The Wall' (2 parts)         1989
The Fantasy Worlds of Irwin Allen                                1995
TV Guide Looks at Science Fiction (with clips filmed
at the same time as The Fantasy Worlds of Irwin Allen)           1995
Another World (as Spencer Harrison)                              1999
The Young and the Restless (as Arthur Hendricks)                 2004


A Month in the Country
Phoenix Too Frequent
Clash By Night
Chapter Two
Forty Deuce
Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been?
Come Into My Parlour
Return Engagements
Summer and Smoke (in London with Lee Remick)
Social Security
Blithe Spirit
Rough Crossing
Love Letters (with Anita Gillette)
Alone Together (with Anita Gillette)