Angela Cartwright in The Sound of Music

Feature Films

Somebody Up There Likes Me (as Audrey at 3 years old)  1956
Something Of Value                                     1957
Lad: A Dog (as Angela)                                 1962
The Sound Of Music (as Brigitta)                       1965
UMC (TVM)                                              1969
Beyond The Poseidon Adventure (as Theresa Mazetti)     1979
Scout's Honor (TVM)                                    1980
High School U.S.A. (TVM, as Miss D'Angelo)             1983
Lost In Space (as Reporter)                            1998

TV Series

Make Room For Daddy/The Danny Thomas Show 
     (as Linda Williams)                               1958-64
Lost In Space (as Penny Robinson)                      1965-68
Make Room For Granddaddy (as Linda Williams)           1970-71

TV Shows

Whirley Birds                                          1957
The Secret World Of Kids                               1958
The Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz Show 'Lucy Makes Room For Danny'1958
The Chevy Show 'Children Are People'                   1960
The Chevy Show 'Ghosts Goblins And Kids'               1960
Shirley Temple Storybook 'Babes In Toyland' (as Jane)  1960
The Red Skelton Show                                   1961
Your First Impression                                  1964
My Three Sons 'The Glass Sneaker'                      1965
The John Forsythe Show 'Little Miss Egghead'           1965
The Danny Thomas Special                               1965
Make Room For Granddaddy Special                       1969
My Three Sons 'Chip And Debbie'                        1969
The Danny Thomas Comedy Special                        1970
Adam 12 'Assassination'                                1971
Room 222 'The Nicholas Girl'                           1972
Close Up Toothpaste Commercial                         1973
Soft And Dry Commercial                                1973-75
Mr. And Mrs. In The Magic Studio Mystery (Pilot, as Sally)1975
Logan's Run 'The Collectors' (as Karen)                1977
Loan Company Commercial                                1977
Canada Dry Ads.,                                       1980
To Laughter With Love                                  1980
Whatever Became Of....?                                1981
Ole Hardware Commercials                               1982
The Love Boat 'Baby Talk'                              1982
Family Feud (with Guy Williams, June Lockhart, 
     Marta Kristen,Bob May)                            1983
Bold 3 Laundry Ads.                                    1984
Steak And Ale Commercial                               1985
Celebrities Where They Are Now #4                      1985
Airwolf 'Eruption'                                     1985
The Pat Sajak Show (with Bill Mumy)                    1989
The Lost In Space 25th Anniversary Tribute (with Bill Mumy)1990
Mike And Maty                                          1995
Leeza                                                  1995
The Fantasy Worlds Of Irwin Allen                      1995