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Television Movies

The Sound of Anger 1967
The Stranger (aka 'Stranded in Space', as Mike Frome) 1973
Ordeal (as Deputy Sheriff Fred) 1973
FBI Story 'The FBI vs Alvin Karpis' (as 3rd Little Rock Agent) 1974
Strange Homecoming (as Otis) 1974
Sky Heist (as Patrol Man) 1975
Attack on Terror 'The FBI vs the Ku Klux Klan' (Parts I and II, as Carl Rick) 1975
Son Rise 'Miracle of Love' 1979
My Undercover Years with the KKK 1979
Power - Parts I and II
Desperado - Avalanche at Devils Ridge 1988

Feature Films

All Hands on Deck 1961
Fate is the Hunter (as Party Guest) 1964
Ravagers 1965
Maniac - The Terror
Welcome Home Soldier Boys 1972
Cleopatra Jones 1973
Toys (Sequence from Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea) 1992

TV Series

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (95 episodes as Sparks) 1964-68
Run Joe Run (Series, as Sgt. William Corey) 1974-76

TV Shows

Not for Hire 'Diamond Head Decoy' (as Wilkins) 1960
Stoney Burke
Run For Your Life 'The Face of the Antagonist' (as Gregg Durkin) 1967
Run For Your Life 'A Very Small Injustice (as State Trooper #3) 1967
Run For Your Life 'At the End of the Rainbow There's Another Rainbow' (as Embassy Aide) 1967
Star Trek 'The Alternative Factor' (as Engineering Assistant) 1967
Garrison's Gorillas '20 Gallons to Kill' (as Pilot) 1967
Land of the Giants 'Terror Go Round' (as Policeman) 1968
The Bold Ones: The Lawyers 'The Senator' 1970
The Bold Ones: The Lawyers 'Panther in a Cage' (as Sgt. Kramer) 1970
Mannix 'One Step to Midnight' (as Paul) 1972
Young Dr. Kildare 'The House Call' (as Raymond) 1972
FBI 'The Runner' (as Special Agent Glenn White, also with Del Monroe) 1972
Cannon 'To Ride a Tiger' (as Elmo Stocker) 1973
Barnaby Jones 'Stand-In for Death' (as Gary Denning) 1973
Streets of San Francisco 'The Albatross' (as Gunshop Clerk) 1973
Return of Perry Mason 'The Case of the Prodigal Prophet' (as Joe Hackett) 1973
Joe Forrester 'Stake Out' (as Det. Will Carson) 1975
Police Story 'Open City' (as Hank) 1975
Barnaby Jones 'Blood Relations' (as Deputy) 1975
Man From Atlantis (pilot) 1977


Count Yorga 1970
Angels Die Hard 1970