Don Marshall


Always with Love    
A Hatful of Rain    
The Big Knife       
Hello Out There
A Cat Called Jesus  
Mother's Little Helper   
The Rainmaker  
Of Mice and Men

Bob Hope Chrysler Theatre (6 appearances) 1962-64
Kraft Suspense Theatre 1963
The Lieutenant 'To Set it Right' (as Ernest Cameron, for Gene
Roddenberry) 1963
Channing 1963
Slattery's People 1964
The Rogues 1964
Ben Casey 1965
CBS Repertory Company 
Great Gettin' Up Morning (Repertoire Workshop) 1964
Rawhide 'The Race' (as Private Goodlove) 1964
Alfred Hitchcock Hour                   
     'The Cadaver' (as Tom Jackson) 1964 
     'Night Fever' (as Joe Chandler)    1965
Braddock - Pilot episode (as Gilmore) 1965
12 O'Clock High 'Graveyard' (as Sgt. Earl Conklin) 1966
Daktari (3 episodes, as Luke) 
     'Predator of Wameru' 1966
     'The Killer Lion' 1966
     'Trail of the Cheetah' 1966
Mission Impossible 'The Ransom' (as a police officer) 1967
Tarzan 'The Fanatics' (as Kimini) 1967
Star Trek 'The Galileo Seven' (as Lt. Boma) 1967
Mr Terrific 'Stanley the Track Star' 1967
Dragnet (4 appearances) 1967/68
Land of the Giants (as Dan Erickson) 1968-70
Ironside 'Backfire' 1967
Bewitched 'Sisters at Heart' (as Keith) 1970
The Reluctant Heroes (TVM, as Private Carver Le Moyne) 1971 
Cycles South (also directed)  1971
Julia (as Ted Neumann, Julia's boyfriend, 6 appearances) 
Police Story (as Justin Sullivan) 1975
Good Times 1976
Bionic Woman 'The Vega Influence' (as Captain Colter) 1976
Rich Man Poor Man Book II (as Reverand) 1976
The Hardy Boys Mysteries 'The Strange Fate of Flight 608' (as Flight
Engineer) 1977
Benny and Barney 'Las Vegas Undercover' (TVM, as Detective Vincent)
Incredible Hulk      
     'Hulk Breaks Las Vegas'  (as Lee) 1978
     'Mystery' (as Doctor) 1979
     'Death Mask' (not named) 1980
Rescue From Gilligan's Island (TVM, as First FBI agent) 1978
The Suicide's Wife (TVM, as Richard Wilkes) 1979
Buck Rogers 'Planet of the Slave Girls' (aka 'Flight to Sorcerer's
Mountain', as Julio) 1979
Little House on the Prairie 'Dark Sage' (as Dr. Caleb Ledoux) 1981
Cheers (scenes cut from pilot, as man seated at bar) 1982
General Hospital (3 appearances)
The War and Eric Kurtz (pilot, aka. 'P.O.W.') 1965
Finder of Lost Loves 1984
Capitol (3 appearances) 1987
The Fantasy Worlds of Irwin Allen 1995

The Interns 1962
Shock Treatment 1964
Sergeant Ryker (as Cpl. Jenks) 1968
The Thing With Two Heads (as Dr. Fred Williams) 1972
Terminal Island (as A. J. Thomas) 1973
Uptown Saturday Night (as Slim's henchman 1974
Hugo the Hippo (Cartoon voice) 1975
Highway Heartbreaker (as Concierge) 1992
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