Don Matheson as Mark Wilson
Detective Story
Lower Depths
Leave it to Jane
Billy the Kid
Purple Dust
Lady in the Dark
Play it Again, Sam 
McHale's Navy 'Operation Wedding Party' (as Lt. Harris) 1962
Lost in Space                                                     
     'The Sky is Falling' (as Rethso) 1965
     'Revolt of the Androids' (as Idak Alpha 12) 1967
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea 'The Deadly Amphibians'(Proto)   1968
Land of the Giants (51 episodes as Mark Wilson) 1968-70
Death Valley Days (aka 'Call of the West')
Company K (CBS Workshop)
Alfred Hitchcock Hour 'Captive Audience' (as Jack Pierson) 1962
Emergency 'Crash' (as Joseph Remson) 1972
Shaft 1974
Apples Way 1974
The Runaways (TVM, as Haines) 1975
The Quest 'Day of Outrage' 1976
General Hospital (as Cameron Faulkner) 1975/76
The Young and the Restless 
Days of our Lives 
Santa Barbara 
Revenge for a Rape (TVM) 1977
Bravo II (as Mr. Morgan) 1977
The Waltons 'The System' (as Coach) 1974
The Waltons 'The Home Front' (2 parts, as Sgt. Barnes) 1977
Hill Street Blues 'Remembrance of Hits Past' (as District Attorney)  
Eight is Enough 'Turn About' 1977
Eight is Enough 'A Matter of Mentors' (as TV broadcaster Robert Decker) 1980
Eight is Enough 'Starting Over' (as Ross) 1981 
Peyton Place '79 
Falcon Crest (as Richard Channing's bodyguard, Padgett) 1984
Alice in Wonderland (TVM, as the Red Knight) 1985
Magnum 'Novel Connection' (crossover with 'Murder She Wrote', as Paul Mayfield) 1986
Murder She Wrote 'My Johnny Lies Over The Ocean' (as Oklahoma Cowboy) 1985
Murder She Wrote 'Dead Heat' (as Chief Steward) 1985
Six Against the Rock (as General Merrill) 1987
Divorce Court
The Judge
Dynasty 'The Dinner Party' (as Frank Carter) 1987
Dynasty 'The Seige' (as Commander) 1987
Somebody's Daughter (TVM, as Wilkie) 1992
The Fantasy Worlds of Irwin Allen 1995
7th Heaven 'Nobody Knows...' (as Ron) 1999

The Longest Yard 1974
Live a Little, Steal a Lot (aka. 'Murph the Surf' and 'You Can't Steal
Love') 1975
Dragonfight (as Dartois) 1990