Gary Conway as Captain Steve Burton

Acting/Writing/Production Credits

Robroy Fruitwell, Beauty Part, Bucks County Playhouse
Robroy Fruitwell, Beauty Part, New York
Volpone (as Leone), UCLA

Colt 45 'Absent Without Leave' (as Lt. Charles Williams) 1958
Sky King 'Manhunt' (as Jack Beal) 1958
Maverick 'Thunder from the North' (as Orderly) 1960
77 Sunset Strip 
     'The Rice Estate' (as Colton Rice) 1960
     'The Laurel Canyon Caper' (as Johnny Poe) 1960
Surfside 6 'Country Gentleman' (as Tad Watson) 1960
Bourbon Street Beat
'Neon Nightmare' (as Johnny Azaab) 1960 'Interrupted Wedding' (as Mike) 1960
'Teresa' (as Dave) 1960
Hawaiian Eye 'Fatal Cruise' (as Johnny Martin) 1960 'Baker's Half Dozen' (as Kirk Lindstrom) 1960 'The Stanhope Brand' (as Mitch) 1961 It's a Man's World 'The Bravest Man in Cordella' (as Scooter) 1962 Burke's Law (66 episodes as Tim Tilson) 1963-65 The Long, Hot Summer 'Run, Hero, Run' (as Scott Manning) 1965 Attack (Unsold pilot movie that was to be pilot for a series with Warren Oates) 1966 Daniel Boone 'Port Spain' (as Billy Carver) 1968 Land of the Giants (51 episodes as Capt. Steve Burton) 1968-70 The Judge and Jake Wyler (TVM, as Frank Morrison) 1972 Circle of Fear (aka. 'Ghost Story') 'The Ghost of Potter's Field' (as John Walsh) 1973 Class of '55 (unsold pilot movie comedy with Alan Alda and Louise Lasser) 1972 Columbo 'Any Old Port in a Storm' (as Rick Carsini) 1973 Police Story 'Chief' (as Bill Rochie) 1974 Love Boat (with Juliet Mills) 'I love you too Smith/Mama & Me/Sally's Paradise' (as Donald) 1981 Right to Reply (Interview with Giants Log and Deanna Lund) 1990 The Fantasy Worlds of Irwin Allen (Interview) 1995 FEATURE FILMS The Saga of the Viking Women and their Voyage to the Waters of the Great Sea Serpent (aka. 'Viking Women and the Sea Serpent', as Jarl) 1957 I Was a Teenage Frankenstein (as teenage monster) 1957 How to Make a Monster (as Tony Mantell) 1958 Young Guns of Texas (as Tyler Duane) 1962 Black Gunn (as Sen. Adams) 1972 Once is Not Enough (as Hugh Robertson) 1975 The Farmer (also produced, as Kyle Martin) 1977 American Ninja 2: The Confrontation (as Leo 'The Lion' Burke) 1987 The Nutty Nutter
Liberty and Bash (as Commissioner Jordan) 1989
Woman's Story (as David Merritt) 2000 SCREEN PLAYS Over the Top (starred Sylvester Stallone) The Smuggler (for Eddie Murphy) American Ninja 2: The Confrontation American Ninja 3: Blood Hunt Greed (to be produced by Ambush Entertainment)
Woman's Story