Heather Young


Batman 'The Contaminated Cowl, The Mad Hatter Runs a Foul' (as the American telephone operator) 1967
Judd for the Defence 'Tempest in a Texas Town' (as Terry Ann Brendler) 1967
Time Tunnel 'Town of Terror' (as Joan) 1967
Felony Squad 'Kiss Me, Kill You' (as Aggie Sloan) 1968
Land of the Giants (51 episodes, as Betty Ann Hamilton) 1968-70
In Name Only (as Debbie Caruso) 1969
Insight (2 episodes, in one she played a girl called Maria) 1969/70
Oh, Nurse - a pilot for a comedy series (as LuAnn, a nurse) 1972
Jello Cake Dressing (commercial) 1979
Galactica 1980 - A two part episode 'The Night the Cylons Landed' /'So This is New York' (Heather appeared in the second part as a singing star on stage) 1980


A Guide for the Married Man (as the girl with the megaphone) 1967