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Jonathan Harris Filmography


Botany Bay 1953
Catch Me If You Can 1955
The Big Fisherman 1959
Once Upon A Dead Man (TVM) (Mr. Wortel) 1971
Last Of The Good Guys 1978
Mission Galactica: The Cylon Attack (TVM) (Voice of Lucifer) 1979
Rainbow Bright And Star Stealer (Voice of Count Blogg) 1985
Pinocchio And the Emperor Of The Night (Voice of Lt. Grumble) 1987
Happily After Ever After (Voice of the Sunflower) 1990


The Third Man (Bradford Webster) 1959-61
The Bill Dana Show (Mr. Phillips) 1963-65
Lost In Space (Dr. Zachary Smith) 1965-68
The Three Musketeers (Voice of Athos) 1969-70
The Liars Club (Regular Panellist) 1970-71
My Favorite Martians (Voice of Uncle Martin) 1973-74
Crosswits (Regular Panellist) 1974-76
Uncle Crock's Block (Basil Bitterbottom, the Director) 1975-76
Space Academy (Commander Gampu) 1977-78
Battlestar Galactica (Voice of Lucifer) 1979
Challenge Of The Machine Men (Voice) 1985
Foofur (Foofur) 1986-88
Visionaries (Voice) 1987
Aladdin (Voice) 1993-95
Problem Child (Voice) 1993-95
Caspar (Voice) 1995-97
Bobby's World (Voice) 1995-97
Superman (Voice) 1995-97
Spiderman (Voice) 1995-97
Freakazoid (Voice Of Professor Jones) 1995-97
Bump In The Night (Voice) 1996-97



The Chevrolet Theatre 'His Name is Jason' 1949
The Web 'The Orderly Mr. Appleby' 1950
Lights Out 'The Devil To Pay' 1950
The Web 'Blessed Are The Meek' 1950
Studio One 'Mr. Arculoris' (Dr. Wetheril) 1956
Omnibus 'Let There Be Farce' 1956
Shirley Temple Storybook 'Rumpelstiltskin' 1958
Climax! 'The Big Success' 1958
Kraft Mystery Theatre 'The Man Who Didn't Fly' 1958
Telephone Time 'Man Of Principle' 1958
Schlitz Playhouse Of Stars 'The Kind Mr. Smith' 1958
G.E. Theatre 'Blaze Of Glory' 1958
Colgate Theatre 'MacGready's Woman' 1958
G.E. Theatre 'Cold Touch' 1958
Zorro 'Mountain Men' 1959
Zorro 'Hound Of The Sierras' 1959
Zorro 'Manhunt' 1959
Father Knows Best 'Formula For Happiness' 1959
Shirley Temple Theatre 'The House Of Seven Gables' (Judge Jeffrey Pynchon) 1960
Shirley Temple Theatre 'The Reluctant Dragon' (Voice of the Dragon) 1960
The Law And Mr. Jones 'Exit' 1961
The Twilight Zone 'Twenty Two' (Doctor) 1961
G.E. Theatre 'The Small Elephant' 1961
The Outlaws 'Outrage At Pawnee Bend' 1961
The Twilight Zone 'The Silence' (George Arnold) 1961
Bonanza 'A Passion For Justice' (Charles Dickens) 1963
The Rogues 'Grave Doubts' 1964
The Adventures Of Ozzie And Harriet 'A Letter Of Recommendation' 1964
Bewitched 'Samantha At The Keyboard (Johann Sebastian Monroe) 1968
Lancer 'The Black McGloins' 1969
Commercial Voices 1969-71
The Ghost And Mrs. Muir 'Love Is A Toothache' (Dr.Milton Rodman) 1969
Get Smart 'How Green Was My Valet' (The Ambassador) 1970
Land Of The Giants 'Pay The Piper' (The Piper) 1970
Bewitched 'Paul Revere Rides Again' (Sir Leslie) 1971
Night Gallery 'Since Aunt Ada Came To Stay' (Professor Porteus) 1971
Love, American Style 'Love And The Millionaire' 1971
Love, American Style 'Love And The Check' 1972
The Sandy Duncan Show 1972
Sanford And Son 'Pot Luck' 1972
Ark II 'The Flies' (Fagin) 1975
The Monster Squad 1976
Ark II 'The Drought' (Fagin) 1976
Requiem For A Planet 1977
Vegas 1979
$weep$takes 'Billy, Wally, Ludmilla and Theodore' 1979
Fantasy Island 'The Winemaker' 1979
ABC Weekend Special 'The Girl With ESP' 1980
Korean Airlines Commercial 1980
Cleaner Bowl Commercial 1980
Rainbow Bright 'The Mighty Monstromurk Menace' (Voice) 1984
Rainbow Bright 'Peril In The Pits' (Voice) 1984
Rainbow Bright 'The Beginning Of Rainbow Land' (Voice) 1985
House Of Pancakes Commercials 1985-89
Scotch Guard Commercials 1985-89
AM PM 1985
Witches Warlocks And Wizards (Host) 1086
Cellular One Commercial 1990
Lost In Space 25th Anniversary Tribute 1990
CBS This Morning 1990
TV AM 1991
Channel Four Daily 1991
Sci Fi Pilot Special 1993
The Midday Show 1994
TV TV 1994
Imagine 1994
Hey Hey It's Saturday 1994
Ernie And Denise 1994
Good Morning Australia 1994
Live and Sweaty 1994
Denton 1994
The Fantasy Worlds Of Irwin Allen 1995
Caspar (Voice) 1996