Kurt Kasznar outside the Spindrift


Jederman (aka 'Everyman', as Prologue 1931
The Image
Midsummer Night's Dream (as a lion)
The Eternal Road (played a shepherd, Head Reaper, Ninth Pious Man and Zebulon at the Manhattan Opera House) 1937
Crazy With the Heat (as producer, at 44th Street Theatre, New York) 1941
First Cousins (as the Commander, also wrote music) 1943
Henry V
Joy to the World (as Dmitri Oumansky, at the Plymouth Theatre) 1948
Make Way for Lucia (as Signor Cortese, at the Cort Theatre) 1948-1949
The 19th Hole of Europe (as Punchus, at the Lenox Hill Playhouse) 1949
Montserrat (as a Monk, at the Fulton Theatre) 1949
As You Desire Me
The Happy Time (as Uncle Louis at the Plymouth Theatre; also where he met his wife Leora Dana who played Maman) 1950-51
Born Yesterday (as Harry Brock, with Betty Grable)
Seventh Heaven (as Boule, at the ANTA Playhouse) 1955
Six Characters in Search of an Author (as the Director, at the Phoenix Theatre) 1955-56
Waiting for Godot (as Pozzo, at John Golden Theatre) 1956
Look After Lulu (as Prince of Salestria, at Henry Miller's Theater) 1959
The Sound of Music (as Uncle Max Detweiler at the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre; Kurt was nominated for the Tony award for Best Featured Actor in a Musical in 1960) 1959-62
Barefoot in the Park (as Victor Velasco at the Biltmore Theatre) 1963
Once More, With Feeling (Stock production)
Die Dreigroschen Oper (aka 'Three Penny Opera', as Mackie, at City Center) 1965
Barefoot in the Park (as Victor Velasco, at the Piccadilly, London) 1965
In a Fine Castle (New Theater For Now, Los Angeles) 1965
Fiddler on The Roof (as Tevye, at the Playhouse, Pittsburg, Pa) 1972
Tartuffe (as Orgon, Philadelphia Drama Guild) 1972
Cyrano de Bergerac (Ahmanson, Los Angeles) 1973
The Tubs (as Sheldon Farenthold, at the Yale Repertory, New Haven, Conn.) 1974
The Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny (as Trinity Moses) 1974
Geography of a Horse Dreamer (as Doctor) 1974
Shlemiel the First (as Chief Councilman) 1974
Fiddler on the Roof (as Tevye, at Meadowbrook, Cedar Grove, NJ) 1974
Don Juan in Hell (tour) 1974
Ring Around the Moon (Ahmanson, Los Angeles) 1975
The Mousetrap (as Mr. Paravicini, Arlington Park, Ill.) 1976-77
The Play's the Thing (as Nansky, at Brooklyn Academy) 1978
My Three Angels (Stock production)
The Little Hut (Stock production)
Arms and the Man (Stock production)


The Web 'Hurricane Coming' 1954
Philco Television Playhouse 'Run Like a Thief' 1954
Pond's Theatre 'The Forger' 1955
Studio One 'The Judge and His Hangman' 1955
Playwrights '56 'Return to Cassino' 1956
Lux Video Theatre 'A Yankee Cousin' 1956
Kraft Television Theatre 'One Way West' 1956
Climax! 'Night of the Heatwave' 1956
Jane Wyman Theatre 'A Place on the Bay' 1956
Schiltz Playhouse of Stars 'The Enchanted' 1957
Studio '57 'The Customs of the Country' 1957
Goodyear Playhouse 'Rumblin Galleries' 1957
Climax! 'Trail of Terror' 1957
Suspicion 'Murder Me Gently' 1957
Climax! 'The Largest City in Captivity' 1957
The Tonight Show 1957
DuPont Show of the Month 'The Bridge of San Luis Rey' 1958
Shirley Temple's Story Book 'Rumpelstilskin' 1958
Further Adventures of Ellery Queen 'Revolution' 1959
Desilu Playhouse 'Chez Rogue' 1959
Adventures in Paradise 'The Black Pearl' 1959
Play of the Week 'Thieves' Carnival' 1959
Play of the Week 'Volpone' 1960
Robert Herridge Theatre 'The Ballad of Huck Finn' 1960
Play of the Week 'Waiting for Godot' 1961
The Joey Bishop Show 1961
Naked City
'The Hot Minerva' 1961
'On the Battlefield, Every Minute is Important' 1963
Alcoa Premiere 'This Will Kill You' 1963
The Reporter 'Hideout' 1964
Trials of O'Brien 'How Do You Get To Carnegie Hall' 1965
The Girl From U.N.C.L.E. 'The Dog-Gone Affair' (as Appollo Zakinthios) 1966
The Hero 'The Universal Language' 1966
Run For Your Life 'The Man Who Had No Enemies' 1966
That Girl 'Soap Gets in Your Eyes' 1966
Bob Hope Crysler Theatre 'Code Name: Heraclitus' 1967
I Spy 'The Trouble With Temple' 1967
The Man From U.N.C.L.E. 'The Napoleon's Tomb Affair' (as President Nasasos Tunik) 1967
My Three Sons 'Help, the Gypsies are Coming' 1967
Run For Your Life 'The Inhuman Predicament' 1967
Royal Follies of 1933 (special) 1967
Matinee Theatre
It Takes a Thief 'A Thief is a Thief is a Thief' 1968
Land of the Giants (51 episodes as Alexander B. Fitzhugh) 1968-70
World Premiere TVM 'Androcles and the Lion'
The Smugglers TVM 1968
Men From Shiloh 'Crooked Corner' 1970
Name of the Game 'A Sister from Napoli' 1971
McMillan and Wife 'Once Upon a Dead Man' TVM (pilot which also guest-starred Jonathan Harris) 1971
The FBI 'The Fatal Showdown' 1972
The Snoop Sisters TVM 1972
The ABC After School Special 'Cyrano' 1972
Lucy Show 'Lucy and the Group Encounter' (as a Psychiatrist) 1972
Search 'The Bullet' 1972
Love, American Style 'Love and the Cozy Comrades' 1973
Hawkins 'Murder on the 13th Floor' 1974
Barnaby Jones (as an art dealer)
Wonder Woman 'Judgment from Outer Space' (2 parts) 1977
Young Dan'l Boone 'The Game' 1977
Suddenly Love TVM 1978


Max, King of the Circus (as boy chased by a lion) 1920
The Light Touch (as Mr. Aramescu) 1951
Talk about a Stranger (as Matlock) 1952
Glory Alley (as The Judge) 1952
The Happy Time (as Uncle Louis) 1952
Anything Can Happen (as Nuri Bey) 1952
Lovely to Look At (as Max Fogelsby) 1952
Kiss Me Kate (as Baptista) 1953
Lili (as Jacquot) 1953
Ride, Vacquero! (as Father Antonio) 1953
Sombrero (as Father Zacaya) 1953
Give a Girl a Break (as Leo Belney) 1953
The Great Diamond Robbery (as Tony) 1953
All the Brothers were Valiant (as Quint) 1953
Last Time I Saw Paris (as Maurice) 1954
Valley of the Kings (as Hamed Bachkour) 1954
Flame of the Islands (as Cyril Mace) 1955
My Sister Eileen (as Appopolous) 1955
Jump into Hell (as Capt. Jean Callaux) 1955
Anything Goes (as Victor Lawrence) 1956
Legend of the Lost (as Prefect Dukas) 1957
A Farewell to Arms (as Bonello) 1957
For the First Time (as Ladislas Tabory) 1959
The Journey (as Czepege) 1959
Helden (aka 'Arms and the Man', as Petkoff, in West Germany) 1959
55 Days at Peking (as Baron Sergei Ivanoff) 1963
Casino Royale (as Smernov) 1966
The Ambushers (as Quintana) 1967
The King's Pirate (as Zucco) 1967
The Perils of Pauline (as Consul General) 1967